"Do You Want to See One Million?"

The MILLION $ Photograph

(it, and Roger, will be on the Shoreditch Art Wall starting december 21, 2017)





Artist with image of photo

  close-up of photo


Roger Molloy

Shoreditch Photographic Artist




Title of Work:

Do You Want to See One Million?”



A photograph consisting of a matrix of one million US $ signs; one thousand across by one thousand down.  The image is so compressed that it cannot be photographed. (read Visual Analysis) Taking a picture of the work, that is a true representation, is impossible. 

It is a photograph that can’t be photographed.


The Artist: Roger Molloy
(b. 1975)

'Molloy aka 'Puckish,' works with light and chemical sensitive papers.  With 17 years behind the lens and 7 years in front of the gallery door, a mysterious approach is taken to seeing.  Based on an anomalous character from Shakespeare's, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Puckish states, "I enjoy creating photographs that cannot be photographed - the non transmissible. The image is the most valuable thing to humanity - without it we would be more animal than human." (view TIME OUT article)



C type print on Fuji archival photographic paper


Paper Size:

Height 210 cm. by width 125 cm. (84” by 50”)


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